Sunday, September 21, 2008

V'lane's cellphone

So Karen saw the signature I made with V'lane's voicemail message. I made it up a year ago to counter a suggestion that V'lane was IYD on Mac's cellphone. I said a Fae wouldn't have a cellphone and used the voicemail message as a reasoning as for why they wouldn't have one. lol she even commented on it in my Faefever ARC which made me LMAO!!!!!!
Well, it ends up being that I was right. V'lane tells Mac that there are NO towers in Faery, hence no Fae cellphones.
There was supposed to be a chat on the KMM board tonight, but technical difficulties occured and it has to be rescheduled. Karen did answer a few questions in a moderated thread, and so I, being the smart-ass that I am, ask the following pointless, spoiler free question:
"Say there WERE towers in Faery... how would you describe V'lane's cellphone? (what would his ringtone be LMAO)"
Karen's reply was, and I am not making this up:
"Oh, honey, if it was YOU calling, it would be ' I wanna f--- you like an animal' LMAO! uh, I mean 'Closer'"
I *heart* KMM. she feeds my V'lane obsession. hahahahha.


Vicky said...

LOl- how awesome!!! I so love that she said that to you and what she wrote on the arc :D

ioana said...

I'm really trying to stop laughing here! :))

Joanne<--is glad for Victoria, 'cause V'lane stais straight :))

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Only you could ask a totally random question and have Karen answer it! Love the ringtone, now you just need to put it on your cell hehehe

Moning Manica Scotland Trip said...

I think it's funny that KMM answered your question..

amy said...

Vic,sorry.. I was working on the blog for the trip to Scotland and was really lazy in logging out so it's me..