Freelance Editing/Cover Art

Need an editor and/or cover artist to help you out with a project? I'm your gal. I've been editing for over three years and doing cover art for a little over two years. You can see the list of titles I have edited and covers created on this blog.

Pricing goes as follows:


I charge $0.005 a word.  So if, for example, your work was 20,000 words it would total to $100.00.

editing includes:
-in depth line-by-line proofreading, paying attention to details and ensuring your work is the best it can be.
-checking grammar, spelling, punctuation.
-offering suggestions and pointing out unclear/awkward/inconsistent areas in the work.

My edits coincide with the Chicago Manual of Style

Please be knowledgeable in the track-changes feature in Microsoft Office and the comment feature. Editing goes more smoothly if I do not have to teach you to use your program in the process. Also, please note there are NO REFUNDS on editing services. If you want to test me out with a chapter there is a minimum payment of $25 for a short chapter or up to ten pages. I reserve the right to ask for a revision if the work is not formated correctly or if there is a major call for a revision.

Also, I edit primarily Romance, Urban Fantasy, YA, Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy. If you have something other than those genres, please contact me first and let me know. I do NOT edit FanFiction or Non-Fiction at all, under any circumstances.

Please warn me if there is graphic BDSM in your story ahead of time. Thank you.


I charge $50 a cover plus the costs of images.

If you are doing a cover + editing job from me, I will wave the cover art fee and only charge for the images.
Please note: I do not know attractive models and have to use stock photo websites as the source of my artwork. Not every detail can be captured in stock photos, but I do my best to match the covers up to the book as best as I can. However, once the images are paid for by me, they go on your invoice. If you would like to view the images before I pay for them, that is fine. If I have to buy new images you will get charged for both the old and new images.


Editing (or Editing + Cover) payments must be made prior to the work being done. As long as time allows I can get things done within a week-two weeks, and have never extended a project past a full month. For cover art only,  I will calculate the costs of images and add it to the $50 fee after the sample is approved. Will not send the finalized full-sized cover until payment is made.


If you are interested in either a cover or edits from me, please contact me at