Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Signings and more

So on Wednesday Sherrilyn Kenyon will be signing in Savannah. Finally get to go to one of her signings myself rather than have a friend get a book signed for me. I am excited! I am told I have to tell her I edited the "Carnival of Rust" Dark-Hunter video, though I might be a bit embarressed. Fan tributes are fun to make, but I still feel nerdy when I fess up to having made them. LOL!

I added 4 new covers to my art page. Please remember I only did the covers on the cover art page, the LSB covers were not made by me. I only edited the book. But they do have some Gorgeous art work, do they not? I am going to be updating buy links on that page and adding buy links to the BP books sometime this month. I keep forgetting (sorry!)

FeverCon is only a few weeks away. I just bought some KILLER hot pink peeptoe heels for the Pink and Black Mac Ball. I can't wait to go hang out with my peeps from the KMM forum again. It's been too long!