Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trying something new

First off...I got my Greek Goddess shirt from Torrid today. Boobsaplenty may be my middle name, but goodness I love this shirt. It is a normal cotton shirt, with a high waist, low V neck and toga like sleeves. It has silver and gold sequins around the collar to give it an oldworldly vibe. LOVE IT. Just had to share that.

Secondly, I am completing a freelance project with Eve Langlais right now. She's self pubbing a book and needed edits and cover art, and surprise! I am a cover artist and an editor. So, with the economy being craptastic, me being broke and having to move soon with no money to move, I have added a page to the blog with pricing for free lance covers and edits. It is cheap compared to the ones I googled to see how others price this kind of thing. But as I am just starting out with this kind of thing, there is no way I could even imagine anyone paying me 25 dollars a page!! Good lord!

So, as long as time allows I am willing to work on freelance side projects for those who need the work done and are willing to work with my eccentric self. :P

The cover for Eve's book came out really REALLY good if I do say so myself. It may be one of my best so far.

In other news, absolutely nothing interesting has happened in the past few weeks. No new men in my life. No new job. No new friends. Boooooooring. And this is me ending that brief pity party. hahaha

Bagheera had her first birthday on April 3. She's not a baby kitten anymore, which is sad, but she started her birthday off with a bang: attacking my foot under the covers at 3 in the morning in order to ensure I have to limp to the bathroom to get a bandaid. It looks like a vampire bit my foot. There are 2 red puncture marks that are still bright red. LOL!!!


Eve Langlais said...

I might be biased but I think the cover came out real well too :)
Can't wait to release this project

Libby Ann S. said...

Love the cover. :)

And love your top even more!
The economy is horrible. Every time I hear people say "it's getting better" I wonder what they're smoking. Who's it getting better for?

Sending lots of good vibes and positive energy your way. Really hope something good comes your way.

The Viking Princess said...

Good luck. I just sent a twit out on my twitter site http://twitter.com/#!/DaeganLover

Victoria said...

Thanks for the well wishes ans what not. I hope things work out well.

LOL Eve! I am sure peeps will love it. It's my fave story of yours thus far. LOVED it.