Saturday, May 7, 2011


Let's all take a moment to bask in his hotness.....



*wipes away the drool*

Okay. *sigh* That man is HOT!!!!!! Blond, long-haired, and a warrior. Not to mention chisled to perfection with the shirt of.

It is SO not fair to wave that around in my face for 2 hours if I can't keep it, though. I tortured myself well with this one.

After work last night I rushed back to the other side of town and caught the 10:45 showing of the 3D version of the movie (the 2D was sold out). I don't think the 3D version really did much to make me encourage you to spend the money for the glasses. While it did make the  picture itself 3D, it didn't any cool hammer flying out over the audience or anything like that. So if you don't want to pay for the 3D glasses, you aren't missing anything significant by passing on them.

My completely unbiased view of the film: I enjoyed it alot. With comic book movies you either have a hit or a miss lately. For example, they can be boring and drag out or they can be interesting and move pretty swiftly. This movie didn't drag out so much. I think the most drawn out aspect was waiting for Thor to get Mjolnir back, but with him being know it will happen.  I have been aware of the comic premise, but never read the comics. The only comics I am adequetely familiar with are the X-Men ones...and I know some Batman and Spider-man background from the cartoons in the 90s. With Thor all I knew going in was that they were based on Norse mythology, lived in Asgard, Thor was blond rather than redheaded (an improvement mwa ha ha) and Loki was th villain...which is kinda sad. Poor Loki is forever picked on because he's the great deciever and all that. ;)  But...I am going off subject a bit. The movie was action packed, entertaining, and fun. I cannot wait for the DVD.

On a biased note: Norse mythology! Blond hotness! AHHHHHH! When can I see it again? ;)


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I really need to take Shelley to see this because we were in Books A Million and she saw some books for the Thor movie. She said, "Mom! If I had known that Thor was so cute I would have paid more attention in class!" Shelley just finished a unit on Norse Mythology in her Language Arts class, LOL! They started with Greek and Roman mythology, then Chinese, and concluded with Norse (sadly, no Celtic mythology). Shelley will probably want to see it in 3-D I bet....