Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fever Series Movie Franchise Picked Up by Dreamworks

Around the time of Faefever's release there was a lot of buzz around 20th Century Fox buying the rights to the Fever series. The release on it read pretty great...aside from saying Mac was a teenage girl.  However, Fox never went through and the rights eventually went back to Karen to resell to another studio. At FeverCon in 2010, when asked about it, Karen stated that she was more protective of the series now than she was then and would only sign on the dotted line if she knew the series was going to be done correctly. Well, it appears something is likely to happen now as Dreamworks Studio released an artcile in Vanity (read  it here) stated that Dreamworks has the rights to the movie franchise, which is fantastic. Though they are using the hype around the Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games franchises as a basis to compare it to...Hopefully, this does not mean they are going to gear the series towards a teenage audience, as it is an adult themed series and watering it down for teens would diminish the quality considerablly.

However, I have faith that more Fever in my life can only be better than no more Fever in my life, and a real-life V'lane (if blond) will be the best thing since sliced bread for this Moning Maniac. Here's hoping the project gets a greenlight and goes on to cause more audiences to catch the fever! Congratulations Karen! We all know you're a star, and now it is time Hollywood catches on too!

While waiting for more information, fans are taking to Facebook and Twitter and sharing the news. #FeverMovie on Twitter is the tag currently in use. And some people (I admit to nothing) have already tweeted to Kristen Bell and Katie Cassidy about audtioning for Mac, and Joe Manganiello about Barrons and Ian Somerhalder for Christian or the Dreamy-Eyed Guy. And visited Eric Etebari's Facebook page as well as he is the inspiration behind Jericho Barrons.

On Twitter:
Eric Etebari: @EricEtebari
Kristen Bell: @IMKristenBell
Katie Cassidy: @MzKatieCassidy
Joe Manganiello: @joemanganiello
Ian Somerhalder: @iansomerhalder


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Great news, Victoria. Thanks for posting. I have been out of sorts getting Shanley in college and through sorority rush, so I am out of the loop, and I have not even read a newspaper in a week ;P

*B* said...

I am super-stoked and scared at the same time.

My ideal list is:

Kristen Bell for Mac

Joe Mangianello or Jason Momoa or Jeffrey Dean Morgan for JZB

Jason Lewis as V'Lane

Jared Leto as Christian

Paul Walker as the LM

Ian Sommerhalder as DEG

Soarse Ronan (with red hair) for Dany