Friday, January 20, 2012

Poesy Rings and the 2012 KMM Fever Calendar

The Forbidden Game, by LJ Smith is probably my most favorite book (well...books. It is trilogy that has twice been made available in one volume) of all time.  It was the book that first made me really love to read. The first time I was moved to tears reading and really cared for certain characters. Before reading this book in the 11th grade, I read mostly books along the lines of the Fear Street series by RL Stine, and his Goosebumps series before that, during my younger years. I love horror. But LJ Smith, she was more of a precursor to paranormal romance. It was also my first taste of Norse influence and thus my love of Norse mythology and Nordic men began.

And Julian. OMG Julian. He's the villain of the books, part of the love triangle, and maybe about 5% of the people I have spoke to who have read this series ever rooted for the other guy (Tom). He's physically perfect, "heartbreakingly beautiful," despite of his flaws: arrogant, mood swings, and that pesky fact that he is the youngest in a race of Shadow Men...beings trapped in a world of ice and shadows, never to be part of our own, that feed on the life forces of those unfortunate enough to get caught by them. Nevertheless, Julian sees Jenny and is instantly obsessed with her because she is everything that he isn't. He seeks to make her his queen in a *between* worlds house he built to protect her from his race. One of his methods of securing her to him is a 17th century poesy ring with the inscrioption "All I refuse & thee I chuse" on the inside of it. It was traditionally a gift from a lover, sometimes used as an engagement or wedding band. It was believed that having the words touching one's skin gave them a sort of power.

I found a poesy ring with this inscription on it. I almost pass out when I saw that the yellow or white gold ones were over $800. But they I saw it was less than $100 for a sterling silver ring and I bought it. I am just going to pretend Julian gave it to me. *squee*

Also, I finally completed the 2012 Fever Calendar for fans of the series by Karen Marie Moning. My second favorite series of all time. Because of work smothering me the past 2-3 months, I had to condense the calender down to 6 wallpapers rather than 12. In celebration to the first Dani O'Malley book being released in October I made sure she was on the calendar page for that month. These wallpapers are also up on Karen's website under the Media section for wallpapers. They are at the bottom of that page.


lee said...

these are freakin' awesome, vp.

I haven't been around the KMM boards in a while, but these make me want to go rushing back...and reread all of the books :).

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