Monday, December 8, 2008

So....I lost my log in information and just got around to requesting a new password. OOPS!! Today is my last day of college classes. I have to complete 2 essays, a take home exam, and one in class exam and I am done! YAY!

I bet you are wondering about the wolf pic.

Yeah. That is Milo. Hailey Edwards named a character in her upcoming Legacy of Blood series after me, and she is mated to a werewolf named Milo. :) Hailey is awesome!

Alrighty, I must go get this class thing taken care of. ;)


ioana said...

Good for you! only 2 exams?? *sigh* me has 6 *pouts* Ok...well, good luck....And you're lucky you god Milo...I'm trying to sneak past Hailey to get a look at Niko and Cohen, but she's still with that "they're still young" thing :(