Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend in Atlanta

This weekend was the Bloodrush event in Atlanta, GA where there was lunch and a booksigning with Karen Marie Moning and then a trip to a recording studio where Karen's husband, Neil Dover, was recording songs for the Fever series soundtrack: Bloodrush. My roommate was originally going to go with me, but had other things come up. Instead, her sister, Christen, went with me.
We drove to Macon on Thursday and stayed the night with Catie and Christen's grandmother. The woman...omg. She told me not to use her pillows because she didn't want to wash sheets AND pillow cases. Then she made Christen and me sleep in the king sized bed in one of the guest rooms together because she didn't want to wash TWO sets of sheets. You think that was the extent of the weirdness? No. She wanted us to go through her tax reciepts from 2008 and record them into a notebook. I am not touching someone else's tax stuff. I just won't. If something goes missing or is wrong I am not going to be held responsible. (we didn't do it).
She also wanted us to keep all our bags in one corner to "not look like a band of gypsies." To dry off all the walls in the shower and the tub to make it look like we never used it.... yes. It was odd.
Anyway... so on Friday, Christen and I go to Downtown Atlanta for a day of sightseeing. We drove into Atlanta and parked in a parking garage for the Lenox Square Marta Station. We got on the Marta to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and got on the train going in the opposite direction. Got off at the next stop and got on the right train. Ate cheeseburgers, I bought a pretty t-shirt, and we were on our way to the aquarium. We read the map wrong and went from Hard Rock alllll the way past Underground Atlanta and had to turn around and find our way back.
We finally make it to the aquarium, and the penguins are not on display except through the special tour which they tell us is extra because they are making room for a dolphin exhibit and the penguins are in the area they are renovating. grrrr.
I got some great pics of the fish and sharks though.
After the aquarium we walked back the the Peachtree Station right by the Hard Rock Cafe and rode the Marta back to Lenox and went to the mall. Everything in there was expensive. Nice mall though.... we couldn't find the way we got in to leave and walked the whole mall (it is 4 levels high).
When we found the car again we spent 45 minutes trying to find our way out of Atlanta and failing horribly. We backtracked our directions in, but couldn't find a way to 75 South. Only North. We ended up taking north and turning around at the next exit after I completely broke down in tears at a red light.
Saturday we didn't have any difficulties following our mapquested directions to the Atlanta Airport Marriott. We drove from there to Joe's for lunch. The appetizer was really good; however, I ended up walking around doing the trivia quiz with all the tables and didn't even taste my meal. Not a single bite of it. oh well.
Jenn got my books signed for my friend and my mom, and we went to the studio for the recording. Whoever was following me to the studio got stuck doing the U-turn I did because the sign wasn't visiable (sorry. I am NOT the person you ever want to follow unless I KNOW where I am going). There were soooo many people in that recording studio that it got hot quickly. We sang the final chorus of a song on the Bloodrush CD, and took lots of pictures. I FINALLY got a chance to say hi to Karen ( I didn't get a chance at all at the resturant ). Sooo Karen said one of these days we'll get the chance to talk for more than a minute LOL.
Didn't get any tidbits myselllllf, but I heard from the others that the Bloodrush booklet has alternate POVs that couldn't be used and she hinted at one being V'lane's (squee!)


Debbie_D said...

yep, she hinted of one "possibly in V'lane's POV"...
She also said she loves to "torture Victoria"! LMAO
See. we're not the only ones who love to torture you ;)

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