Sunday, June 28, 2009

Roommates and their FREAKING family members! UGH!!!!

So I finally got my headboard out of storage, where I didn't want it to be in the first place. It is damaged in several spots because Stephen's brother's tempertantrums! grrr. He wanted 100 dollars for moving the headboard and he is sooooooo not getting it after the stunts he pulled. He dropped it in the grass...the wood is scratched and bent in places. hell. no.

anyway...See the vanity in the above picture? Where the historically inaccurate hat Mel and Tracey sent me is residing?

Well... Catie's grandmother is obsessively pestering Catie to tell me that I need to give her my vanity. She has offered to pay for it, give me a new bookshelf AND a comfy lounge chair in exchange, and other things. I am like... wtf. I don't have a dresser. I need my vanity!

WTH was she doing in my room anyway?!