Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scotland Awaits!

So it is midnight here. It is officially Tuesday. In 9 hours I will be boarding a plane in Jacksonville and flying to Newark, NJ to catch a connecting flight to Glasgow. This is my first venture out of the country and I am both nervous and excited. I am elated while scared. What did I get myself into? What on earth possessed me to watch LOST with my roomie yesterday?!!! My anxiety level is high, but seeing how I will probably never get to leave the country again...I plan on enjoying myself, damn it. Stay tuned here for info and pictures as well as the official Scotland Blog being updated by all of us on this trip:


Laurie said...

have fun! thanks for letting me in on V'lane's ringtone!! lol...too funny! wish he'd call me! ;) what prompted the trip to scotland?