Friday, September 11, 2009

Selkies and Vampires. Mmmmm.

I am in love with a Selkie Prince. His name is Conn and I would love it if he'd come kidnap me and use me to make selkie babies with him. Yes. It would be nice. LOL!

Conn's story is book three in the Children of the Sea series by Virginia Kantra. There is also a prequel in the Shifter anthology. If you like paranormal romance, and hot shape shifter men.... check out the Children of the Sea!

Also, today was the series premiere of The Vampire Diaries on the CW. I read TVD back when I was in High School. LOVED all of L.J. Smith's books, The Forbidden Game and The Vampire Diaries being the reason I fell in love with reading. I read before finding those books, but I never truly loved to read until finding L.J. Smith. As for the series, with all the changes in character appearances and names and other things here or there I was concerned. However, I am happy with the show and will be watching religiously. Ian Somerhalder NAILED it as Damon Salvatore. I would let him bite me, that dirty dirty vampire! LOL!

I never posted it, but the podcast I was a guest on to talk about V'lane from KMM's Fever series was posted a couple weeks ago. You can listen to it on the Moning Clan Podcast page, or on iTunes. It is episode three.


Laurie said...

I just started Alyssa Day's Atlantis series, have you read it? and I realized that I made my blog private, I'm not sure if you've ever checked it out (mostly family stuff) but if you want to be invited, I'd need your email. also, on there's a really good discussion group about who the beast might be with some unsual ideas.

Victoria said...

LOL I will see if I can check it out after work tonight. I gotta get some work done before work. How unfair is that?

I haven't read the Alyssa Day books yet, though I have heard good things.

LOL I am also backing away from the fever theories for the most part as of yesterday. Theories are starting to overreach a little beyond my suspension of disbelief. Apparently, people get mad when I disagree with them, like it is personal or something, so I am done. May pop up every now and then to keep V'lane from being chased down with pitchforks and torches...but that is about it LOL

Laurie said...

ha! too funny, well believe it or not, I have the book shifter (just got it in the mail!) and it has the prequel to your Children of the Sea series...have you read it?