Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Sorry I have been absent for so long. The motherboard in my primary computer, the desktop, fried out. Had to buy a new CPU tower. Had my old harddrive encased and turned into an external harddrive and I am slowly getting things back to normal.
The highlights of what has been going down in the world according to moi:
-Won the new Alice in Chains CD from Rock 106.1 in Savannah for having the funniest caption in a picture caption contest that I captioned before knowing it was a contest at all. LOL
-Since most of the new computer was paid for using my shiny, new Best Buy credit card, I used the extra money I scrounged up to buy a cheap futon from Target. It helps with laying in weird angles in bed reading.
-In the last 300 pages of Diana Gabaldon's An Echo in the Bone. I don't want it to end!
-Realized the necklace Bonnie is wearing in episode three of The Vampire Diaries is a necklace I purchased at Target a week or so ago! haha! Bonnie has my necklace!
-I purchased the Chicago Manual of Style: The Essential Guide for Writors, Editors, and Publishers. It is massive and I hope to learn lots from it for my future career as an editor...if I can find a job that is.
-and last, but not least, I had a happy 25th Birthday, despite reaching a quarter of a century in age. LOL