Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Luck vs. Bad. Which will continue into the new year?

So.... You would think the maniac who posted on Eric Etebari's facebook that he was a fan fave for the role of Jericho Barrons if Darkfever, which has been optioned by 20th Century Fox & based on the book by Karen Marie Moning, and have him contact Karen and let her interview him would have pretty darned good luck, right?


Oh, how fate laughs at me. Let me count the ways....

1. Last night the toilet overflowed. Luckily, it was just toliet water, or it could have been worse, but unfortunately the turny knob thing that can cut off the water should it begin to overflow is no longer attached to the toliet. So I had to stand in 2 inches of water trying to soak it up with towels and wring it out in the tub.

2. The US Post Office has misplaced FIVE packages that were coming to me from various parts of the country. FIVE.

3. Car has been acting up. The steering wheel has been all funky. Then the engine was smoking really bad since last Wednesday. Today the engine died on me in the bank parking lot. It let me pull out of my parking space only to promptly die. A few nice men helped me get the car into a parking space until I could get my friend to use their AAA to get me towed to a car repair shop. An old lady threw a fit that we were blocking her in even though we were pushing the car to get it out of her way. The irony? I just placed an order on a rental for the weekend to visit my dad. It is a camry. My piece of crap car that I killed is a camry. The fates are mocking me.

That is my rant for the evening. Let's hope that my luck turns at the start of the new year. LOL.


Laurie said...

Good Luck, and just remember, that it all happens at once, (y'know, when it rains it pours sort of thing), but usually life returns to normal for a long while. I hope you have a better week :)