Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010: the year thus far

So New Year's Day I drove to Florida to visit my dad. I felt fine when I left, but that night I was hurting everywhere and was running a high fever. The chills and the fever dreams were the worst part. I dreamt of many random things in 15 - 20 minute intervals; my funeral -- because I thought I was dying, the fact that my fever would never end until some math equation was figured out with the pyramids (wtf!), and that little dudes the size of toy soldiers were standing on my back as they removed my bones and replaced them with blue lego blocks.

Yeah. Happy New Year's to me.

I have Bronchitis. I am not pleased. I am miserable, but I am trying to get through. Mayhap after this passes the year will look up.

I am also going to close my websites in the next month or two. I no longer use it often, and 12 dollars a month is a lot to someone who doesn't earn a lot from her job.