Friday, March 26, 2010


I've been told I have been slacking in my bloging. Bad me! So I have come to amuse my whole whopping 6 followers and whomever else may be lurking in the shadows along my my various stalkers.

I had another crazy dream last night. I think this one involved too much LOSTpidia viewing yesterday along with the fact that I recently bought an X-Box 360 and have been playing games like a madwoman. BUT....there was this hot vampire dude and don't ask me how it went from him stalking me to us being in total video game land and dressed like eygyptians. I also don't wanna know why I ended up chasing him around with one of those toys that is pretty much a long stick with an animal head at the top and you hold a contraption at the bottom that opens and closes the animal head's mouth. Yeah well I had a crocodile one (an egyptian crocodile one, so I am guessing it was supposed to be Sobek) and I was chasing the vamp around letting the toy croc bite his back. And my points went up way high with each bite.

I know, right? WEIRD!

A dream specialist would have a field day with me.