Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Forbidden Game: You Never Forget Your First Fictional Love.

My absolute favorite YA series in the world is back on bookstore shelves after several years of out of printness. The Forbidden Game is a trilogy, rereleased in a 3-in-1 volume, written by L.J. Smith who should be a recognizable name as The Vampire Diaries has become widely popular since the CW picked up a TV series based on her books. The only thing that could make me happier than seeing TFG back in bookstores is seeing it made into a movie. With TVD doing so well, that is promising for her other books. Night World would make a good TV show, but with Vamps and Weres involved, it may be too close to TVD and True Blood for consideration. Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, Dark Visions, and NoTS & HoV on the other hand are far more original storywise and I can see them being immortalized on the silverscreen. *crosses fingers*

Those not familiar with The Forbidden Game, it is about a girl named Jenny who is throwing a birthday party for her boyfriend. They end up playing a game that causes their worst nightmares to come to life. The Shadowman, Julian, is making them play for their freedom. If they lose, Jenny is his forever.

And Julian is super sexy. He's the first fictional character I've developed a crush on, and this is the first book series that ever made me cry while reading. My love of books can be traced back to this series. Sure I read R.L. Stine like it was candy, but my true love from reading developed through a Shadowman's love for something he could never have.