Saturday, June 5, 2010

Updated Blog

Thanks to Hailey Edwards, I have managed to add pages to display my cover art that I have done with Breathless Press, and display the covers and buy link for the books I edited with Liquid Silver Books. There is also a widget to the right of the blog that has download links from to the books I edited.

Should I keep the Amazon list to only books I edited or did cover art for, or should it include titles I review or recommend on this blog as well? Let me know your opinions.


Virginia said...

This is the first time I have gotten to see your cover art pieces. They look great.
As far as opinion on the amazon portion goes, I think you can go with all the above and just make a note as to what they are (i.e. art, edit, etc.)
Good job though on the updates.

analisa said...

great job Vic, I always love your art work.
I would like to know wich ones are the ones you edited from the ones you did the covers for.
Glad you have your computer back !!!

Victoria said...

Up at the top of the page, beneath the banner, there is a link for cover art and one for editing. I only did the covers for the ones on the cover art page. The editing page is only books I edited, not ones I did covers for. The covers did aren't on amazon yet.

Hailey Edwards said...

Ooh, lookin' good Vic. I like the setup. It's easy to navigate.

The new Blogger really is much more user friendly. :D

Liberty said...

Beautiful cover!