Monday, October 4, 2010

FeverCon 2010

OMG peeps. I am glad to be home, but I didn't want to leave. Aside from the mishaps (which I will get to as we go along) I had a fantastic weekend. I hope there are future FeverCons and everyone who went had as much fun as I did. I am going to put as much info into this blog as possible so I don't have to repeat myself too many times elsewhere. LOL!

I left Savannah at around six in the morning on Thursday morning. I arrived in Atlanta just before ten. Krissy was letting me park at her house to avoid the hotel charge. She wasn't home from dropping her husband off at work, and I got out the car to see if I had gotten close enough to the curb. As I come back to the driver side door, since the house was on a steep hill, the door slams shut and locks automatically. The car is still running. I wanted to cry. Krissy and I had to call Pop-a-Lock and get my car open. What a way to start the weekend.

We get to the hotel (finally) and the struggle becomes getting the cakes for Jenn to the kitchens before Jenn's plane gets to Atlanta. Krissy, Jean, Debbie, and I schemed and came up with the perfect birthday gift for Jenn: a specialized cake with the gag book cover I made for her as a joke on the KMM forum. It came out looking awesome. However, Kat takes matters into her own hands and  decides that Eric should know about a certain post she makes regarding her wish for Eric to feed her birthday cake by hand at Fevercon. She prints it out and gives it to him during the signing on Friday (attendees with last names A-L). Jenn had won a raffle to sit at Eric Etebari's table during dinner Friday evening. He introduces himself to everyone at the table to feel out which one of his dinner mates was the birthday girl. I had Anita (who also one the raffle) to hand Jenn a 3.5 inch Jawbreaker (It is REALLY LARGE!) during the meal, and Krissy handed her a glossy 8x10 of the book cover. After dinner Eric surprised us all when he fed her cake and Jenn thinks we have gotten her torture out of the way. (but not by a long shot).

After the concert (which was amazing) we pulled the cakes out at the back of the room we were using. Set them up, but realized we couldn't find the serving knives. While running around looking for a knife, most of the people left to go to the Irish Pub down the block for "Mac Attacks" or "Barrons Beasts" (why were there no V'lane on Morars? *crosses arms*) We tried to get the word out as much as possible, but with a crowd that big it was near impossible. When we got Jenn to the cakes, we sang happy birthday. Eric heard the singing, ran over to where we were standing and laughed at the cake and gave Jenn a birthday spanking (he was shirtless before he was done) with Su's crop. Then we all took off our shoes, and convinced him to take his off. Therefore, we had the classic definition of an orgy with Eric Etebari: more than 4 people in one room without shoes.

Despite the awesome, we never thought Eric was going to be involved. It ended up being the best birthday present we could give Jenn. Thank you Eric for being so awesome! (Click on the pic of Shirtless Eric and Jenn above this and see an animation of the spanking.)

On Saturday we had hour long "lectures" with Phil, Eric, Karen's editor, and Gena and Kresley. Then it was time for the ball. I forgot to pack my Venus razor, but was prepared and had a cheap plastic razor packed in case I forgot ( I had to shave before the drive thursday so it wasn't packed yet) I am so used to how the blade part of my Venus moves with the curves of your leg, that when I was shaving super fast-like to get in and out of the shower to straighten my hair, I took a chunk of skin off my leg right below the right knee. It would not stop bleeding. I bled through 3 bandaids. Luckily my dress covered that up. My costume was me going as myself (AKA V'lane's Concubine). I had a cuff of cruce, and cute freaking shoes, but I had to take them off an hour into it. Therefore, I chickened out of the costume contest, because without the shoes it wasn't worth the embarressment of entering. lol! We won't talk about how I ended up "Tubthumping" with Eric Etebari when I hate the song more than I can describe. Or the fact that I was freaking WASTED.

Sunday we had breakfast with Phil Gigante (because Jordy ROCKS and Phil spoils her shamelessly. He's such a great man.) Eric Etebari took the mic and thanked me for contacting him on Facebook to make him aware of his Moning Maniac following (I suffered the embarressment of all eyes on me yet again, but I am glad he is enjoying the Maniacs and Karen.). Afterwards was the Q&A with Karen. Phil read a section of Shadowfever, and I am not sure how much they want us to talk about that, but it was a long scene featuring the newsletter where Mac is seeing the Seelie and V'lane coming towards her and her monster army. V'lane, Mac, and Darroc were in the scene. V'lane smitted someone. I almost hopped out my chair in V'lane lust. Jill and I were all excited. LOL!

At the signing, Karen signed HE'S MINE! on my V'lane poster (like that will keep me away from the sexiness that is V'lane. pffft) I was loaded down like a mule with signed books, posters, tarot cards, pictures, dvds, and audiobooks. Phil was hadning out pink and white rubber bracelets that say "Girls Gone Pri-ya! Atlanta 2010" LOL! I am finally home, with lots of loot. And in a few hours I am totally going to pass out. I missed Bagheera and my bed, but I am sad the weekend had to end. I love all of you ladies, and I hope to be able to attend many more events and see you all again in the future!


Libby Ann S. said...

Sounds like you had a blast.
Thanks for the scoop! I hope there's one next year so I can go and meet everyone (finally).
And OMG LMAO! I love the animation.

Hailey Edwards said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad Eric gave Jenn her just deserts. It looks like everyone had fun.

I wish I could have gone. *sniffle*

mindy said...

super jealous. looks like you had a great time! :)

alba said...

Awe thanks vic I almost felt like I was there...
Sounds like you all had a great time....
Jen has memories to Last a lifetime just hope the welts don't Scar to much