Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Kitty

This is Bagheera's first Halloween, and she is soooo intrigued by the pumpkin. She has to keep smelling it. She has to lick it. She has to bat it with her paw to make sure it isn't gonna try to go anywhere. When I put it on the table to carve it, she was ten shades of WTF?! LOL After I got the top of the pumpkin cut out I let her go ahead and smell it before I got to messy with pumpkin guts to get her off the table (she did keep trying to get in the middle of it anyway) She didn't want anything to do with the squishy insides to it, but she had to make sure whatever it was inside that thing was not going to do anything funny in her home. haha.

Not much is going on. Editing. Covers. Siggies on the forum...the same ole routine. Trying to save up money to go to New Orleans in January for the Shadowfever launch. Usually I can bear not going to book event if they aren't reasonably local, but these are my peeps. I would hate to miss this. (plus any party that has V'lane as one of the topics needs me there. I have to keep all these hussies off my Fae.)

Added a few covers to cover art page. Added buy links to current releases. Still need to update author blogs and websites, but let's face it. I'm lazy. I will happen, but I can't tell you when it will happen. LOL!

And to stay on topic with the blog title, check out the cuteness Dacia posted on my facebook profile today:


Eve Langlais said...

So what's your pumpkin going to be?
After seeing a pic on the net, we're going to do one of a pumpkin having a number 2 over a pie plate with sign saying 'Homemade pumpkin pie' LOL. My husband built a potty chair for it and we've even got a holder for toilet paper. :)
So gross yet funny.

Victoria said...

LMAO! It is a sad face pumpkin. It pales in comparison to number 2 having pumpkin though. LOL