Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Corrected Reseph Wallpaper, with FS version, and updated cover art.

The Reseph art I did the other night was started at about one AM, finished around four AM. It was dark and cloudy all day yesterday, so when the sunlight hit it today, as I have it making my computer all pretty, I noticed there was a small sliver of the original background clinging to his shoulder like an annoying little leech. I have fixed it, aslo managed to get the glow around the side of his head lessened too from where I lightened his hair. So here is the new one, with a full screen version for those who don't have a wide monitor yet (or want it for your phone wallpaper mwa ha ha) Sorry about that! I blame four AM everything-looks-awesome-with-these-eyes-in-the-dark-itis.

also, the cover art on both pages are being updated as I hit publish, so by the time you see this....it will probably be done. LOL ;)


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