Monday, September 26, 2011

I think I have developed a "type"

Wow, it has been about a month since I updated this blog. LOL I am so bad at this. But anywho..

I have come to the conclusion that I have developed a type in reference to my literary boyfriends. Which are many. I live vicariously through my literary love interests. And though I haven't crossed the line of using white out and a pen to change the heroines' names to VICTORIA just day....I can feel it. hahaha

Spoilers Ahoy, maties!

We all know how much I LOVE my V'luce. (V'lane aka Cruce. Ergo: V'luce) Love him. I love him so much that Karen Marie Moning has even signed several books (and my V'lane poster) with "V'lane is MINE!" to remind me. The only character I think I have been THAT obsessed with before is Julian from L.J. Smith's The Forbidden Game. Who is also the antagonist in that series, but I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Julian. I would say I haven't cried so much in my life in regards to the way TFG ended with Julian, but didn't see or hear me when I finished Shadowfever. It was not cute, people. I had a stuffy nose for nearly a whole day after all those tears.

But then I started to think about it. My favorite characters are usually the hot blonds (sometimes even if they are jackasses), the vikings...unless they are too outrageously evil (the movie Pathfinder, though Ghost, the protag was originally a viking. Karl Urban. YUM), or secondary characters. I love secondary characters. Since a young age, watching She-Ra, my favorite character was her friend Frosta. Not a dude, no...but she was macking on He-Man...who was blond. I wanted to BE her.

So to get back on point...lately I have notices a trend of my favorite characters being evilish. Sure some are destined for redemption, others doomed to pay for their transgressions and others so ambiguous that you just don't know if they will ever get free of their icy prison. And it isn't just in books!

Exhibit bad bad bad boy loves

1. Julian - The Forbidden Game. (LJ Smith) So in love with a human mortal he can't have, he tricks her and her friends into playing a game with him to try to win her for himself.

2. V'lane/Cruce. The Fever Series. (Karen Marie Moning) Marry me. Seriously. Break free of your prison, come out of the book, I will be your princess! Screw Mac!!!!! ( in get over her, don't literally do that since you are in trouble for literally do that anyway) ;)

3. Lothaire. Immortals After Dark (Kresley Cole). I knew from the first book I wanted to lick that blond, sexy vampire. The Enemy of Old gets his own book, and breaks the savvy title trend by having a book named for him alone. I need that book. You don't even know....

4. Reseph. Lords of Deliverance. (Larissa Ione). My newest obsession. He is SO EVIL right now. So evil!!!!! I don't know if it is because I just know he's going to have his own book which makes me justify it, or if I was seduced by the blond hair and blue eyes (I am easy that way. I try to deny it, but alas...) I don't know. Only one book into the series and I am already making 3 AM wallpapers after finding a blond knight on fotolia when downloading some images for cover art. (click below to get the full size wallpaper, I even left room on the side for icons. Because I am OCD about not having them cover the actual image...I'm so weird.)

edit: had to fix a glitch on the wallpaper. New one has been added here and the post for 9/27/11

4. Jareth. Labyrinth (movie). very similar to the Forbidden Game in storyline, Jareth falls for a mortal and tries to make her win her own freedom. David Bowie never looked so good. Though I do get highly amused by the crotch shots in that movie.

5. Erik, the Phantom. Phantom of the Opera (Gaston Leroux/Susan Kay/Andrew Lloyd Webber) While he's not sexy...unless he's played by Gerard Butler....I LOVE him. He's crazy, he's murderous...but he just wants to be love. He's so well characterized you can't help but feel sympathy for him. The novel Phantom by Susan Kay tells his life story from birth till death. One of the BEST. BOOKS. EVER. WRITTEN. You will cry the entire way through. And if you don't cry in several parts of that book, you are not human. It's that simple. LOL

6.Stephen Bonnet. Outlander. (Diana Gabaldon). I am probably the ONLY fan of Stephen Bonnet. it's not that he's blond, though that may have helped him a bit. He's a HORRIBLE person and totally deserved his death. However, he is such a three dimensional character that I still mourn the loss of him in the books. Despite it all, he did give Briana the gemstone at the end of Drums when he thought she was carrying his baby (I am a bit fuzzy on events forgive me, it has been a while), and he had a hard life. When he dies the in the ONE way that terrifies him, I cried for him.

7. Damon Salvatore. The Vampire Diaries (LJ Smith/ TV) He's so unpredictable. While I love all of LJ Smith's early novels (not a fan of her Return trilogy), The Vampire Diaries had a lot of unlikable characters in it. Elena was such a snooty bitch, so it was really hard to relate to her or like her. You would think someone that could be evil one second, and calm and civil the next, like Damon, wouldn't be so likable. I retain that those books wouldn't have been interesting at all without him. Even on the show he's a villain one minute, and the antihero the next.

8. Eric Northman. Sookie Stackhouse novels/True Blood. (Charlaine Harris/TV) He starts off antagonistic in the books and becomes the leading man in the last half. The show likes to keep him the antagonist...and I am not even going to go there because it will result in calling Alan Ball a lot of un-nice names.

9. Sam Winchester. Supernatural (TV). usually my fave on the shows I watch would be more like Dean; however, I have been team Sam since the beginning. That was before I realized he was going to be evilish every other season or what not. *sigh* And now my other fave, Castiel, has gone evil too. What is with me!

10. Spike. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel. (tv). I found Angel boring, overly dramatic and, while hot, brought the tone of the show down to sad most of the got better on his own show, though not by a lot. Spike, on the otherhand, was FUN. Hilarious, hot, and a scene stealer. And strangely, Evil Spike is still my favorite. He hit a patch of Angel-like seriousiness that while I enjoyed him being redeemed, just wasn't as fun as when he was evil.

So, in short, I apparently like the Bad in my Bad Boys more than I thought. And here endeth my random mumblings.


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I certainly understand your obsession with Julian. Very good choice IMO. Stephen Bennett is a bit of a surprise, but I did so badly want him to turn his life around, too....I know...very weird, but I do understand what you are saying about him.

I am obsessed with Matthew Clairmont from A Discovery of Witches. You might, for once, like a brunet if you read it, Victoria.

I will always be obsessed with Adam Black and James Fraser, too. Plus I am even more obsessed with Magnus Bane now that the Infernal Devices Book One is out.

But perhaps one of my favorites is Rowley from the Mistress of the Art of Death series. Love him, and he is a bishop. (yikes)

Victoria said...

No Darroc in that list, Jill? :) Yeah, you should see the looks I get when I confess my Stephen Bonnet fan-ness. It's like I grew a second head. :)

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