Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Behind the Scenes: The Fever Trailer

This was my first time filming footage myself. It showed...a little too much. Esp when I was filming and pointing and talking and forgetting the camera was on when I did. However, it is some of the facial expressions and silly thing captured on film that made the process so much fun. While some of the best moments, like the Cuff of Cruce bouncing down the cobblestones on River Street, Savannah, was not captured...Many good things were. Including the ironicly apropos part of a Seether song I sang along with while filming a Georgia landscape I didn't use. LOL

Hope you enjoy the goofiness. Thanks again to my sister, Tiffany, Joe, Matthew, and Ingrid for letting me film you guys. LOL! click the image below to watch the outtakes.


Howl Trueno said...

Hi Vic, you have a gift for visual arts! I enjoyed watching your video and the blooper. Good luck!