Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fever Series Contest Entry is Complete

I completed my entry to the contest. It isn't my best work, my hands are too shakey to hold a camera and I only had limited filming time due to my trip to Scotland. But I think it was a good effort. Special thanks to Catie who performed an original piece for the video, Tiffany (my sister) for being Mac, Matthew for putting on the blonde wig to play V'lane, Joe for being Malluce and letting us spray his hair with black hairspray to be Barrons. And Ingrid for wearing the Z-lo with class through an Edinburgh close for me. lol. The video is posted on youtube, linked at the bottom of this entry. Please watch it, comment if you want. Someone has gone through the contest entries and given them all bad ratings. None of the entries are over 2.5 stars which is kinda rude considering the time and effort everyone put into these things, regardless of if it is live action or artwork. Not many entries are posted and everyone did wonderful with what they had to work with. It irks me when something is rated low but no one who does so offers the constructive critcism as to WHY it deserves a low rating. *off my soap box*

Enjoy the trailer! and Looking forward to seeing the remaining entries pile up over the next couple of days.


Laurie said...

I loved it! :) Its better than I could do, for sure!