Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Podcasting and Contemplating Halloween.

So, Jordy and Karen (MacKalena, not KMM lol) have invited me to their Moning Maniac podcast. They wanna talk about the incredibly sexy beyond all compare V'lane. I am excited. Of, course they are gonna have to deal with lonnnnng lengthy answers. But I will so be into my element. I love the Fever series. Because it is all first person, the only way we are shown the other characters are through Mac's eyes. Therefore, to really know the characters you have to go back and really study them. V'lane's part in the first 2 books was rather small, but I went into detail on this on the forum. In Faefever, V'lane's personality starts to show more than it has. I am highly anticipating Dreamfever, well of course I am, but with his character....I am just over eager to see what he does.

And I get to talk, live on the air, about V'lane. Soooo in my element...despite sounding 12 years old when recorded. LOL!

So I was thinking about Halloween. No not in the books....well, maybe a little. I have this $250 replica of the Spear of Destiny. I guess it should go to use. Used it in the trailer contest (no results as of yet, sorry peeps) and I may have played with the spear a little last night, hence the photo. I guess I am a Sidhe-Seer for Halloween this year, yeah? LOL


Laurie said...

I think you have the coolest idea for a halloween costume! like you said, you've already got the spear, might as well use it!

bluedragonfly81 said...

Vic! Thanks again for doing the podcast with us! It was awesome chatting with you!!! xoxo