Saturday, April 10, 2010

Three Days Grace concert

Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace is so yummy. He really is. *le sigh* Went and saw Three Days Grace, with Chevelle and Adelita's Way as the opening acts, last night at the Savannah Civic Center. The show was amazing! All three bands were wonderful! There was nearly a freaking riot to get the band to play the song aptly named: "Riot."
and they played "The Good Life" which my new favoritest song ever lol, so I was happy.
Not too familiar with Adelita's Way, but they played "Invincible" and "Last Stand" and a handful of others.
I LOVE Chevelle, but I don't know all there songs well. They did play "Sleep Apnea" "Jars" "The Red" "Send the Pain Below" "Vitamin R" and a some other excellent songs.
Three Days Grace went all out. Chevelle had their own back drop and all, but For TDG they had the huge flashy lights, fire, strobes, they just went all out. There new CD cover was on the screen under the lights (and there was a cool green speckled display during the encore) and the drum platform spun around during the drum solo and it had the band name displayed and lit up beneath it. After the drum solo, Adam had sneaked to the back of the crowd and began "I Don't Care," the song he did with Apocalytica, and walked through the crowd of crazy people back to the stage. (I am jealous they got to touch him)
Here is the set list:
The Good Life
I Hate Everything About You
Bitter Taste
drum solo
I Don't Care
Last to Know
Goin' Down
Just Like You
Never Too Late
In the Air Tonight (cover)
Lost in You
Animal I Have Become

I posted more pics and some video clips on my facebook account. If you want longer video clips, you can find some on youtube. Use the keywords: Three Days Grace Savannah. The concert dates are usually listed, and it was April 9, 2010 at the Savannah Civic Center. :)
It was SO worth the money to go. I made it as close as the second row by the time TDG came out. Now that I have seen them and Silverchair, the only other band I have left on my must see list is Seether. :)


Hailey Edwards said...

Adam should be mine.

Victoria said...

But you are married. So I get him. hahahahahahaha!