Monday, May 31, 2010

Computers and Infinity

Haven't had an opportunity to blog for a while. It isn't so much that I had nothing to say, I just haven't had my computer. I was burning a few CDs for my car and a disc got stuck in the CD drive. I tried ejecting it every way possible, and it was futile. Tried restarting the computer to try again, and the stupid pile of junk decided to read the disc to boot from. Thus, my entire system crashed. (Story of my life. No seriously, this is like a once or twice a year thing for me almost.)

So Best Buy's Geek Squad geeks take my computer and my system restore discs and send it off to Kentucky because it is so dead that the local Savannah Geek Squad can't do anything with it. The computer is still under warranty, so I only had to pay like $140 to get my massive music file backed up to an external (I wasn't losing my tunes again, it just wasn't happening!) I also told them the only other file I needed was my photoshop files, and told them how to get to them, and the fonts.

A week goes by and I get a robot calling me to pick up my computer, so happily I go. Only they tell me that I need to bring in my system restore discs because they replaced the hard drive and it is like a new computer with absolutely nothing on it. So I get mad at them for not telling me that before letting me think my computer was ready for pick up, ask for my external, and take it home. I can't find the restore discs at all. Then I am looking at this file I got from them with my external harddrive, and alas: there are my discs. They had them the whole time and didn't use them.

I was livid. LIVID.

I brought them BACK to the store and gave them a piece of my mind. The dude calls me back 2 hours later and apparently the video graphic card is not working. They can't get an image to show up. So they sent it BACK to Kentucky for two more weeks. The motherboard and the power strip have been replaced this time. *sigh* So when I got the robot call to pick it up this time I called up there and made them check that it was ready to pick up, and what do you know? They still haven't put the restore discs in and got windows going. So I had to wait 3 more hours.

I got a robot call to pick up my computer 3 days after I picked it up. I think it was out of spite at that point. Bastards!

AND they saved my picture folder, which is awesome, but not the fonts, brushes, or gradients I needed for Photoshop. I was not pleased.

I just finished reading Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon, book one of the Chronicles of Nick. It is a Young Adult sorta prequel/spinoff of the Dark-Hunter series. It follows Nick Gautier as a 14 year old. I enjoyed the book a lot, though I have some concerns.

1. There are lots of information tossed out there that will be like candy to Dark-Hunter fans, but confusing to teens who have never read them. They won't have a clue who Jared is, or why he is significant. The same with Stryker. Not unless Nick of the Future, the Dark-Hunter, fully powered Malachai, accidently causes them to show up that early in the timeline due to his meddling, as Simi has shown up in Nicks life ten years earlier. Which leads me to...

2. Future Nick is centuries years old! And apparently has destroyed everyone he cares about because he couldn't let go of the anger in his life, towards Acheron and others. I am hoping that his attempt to change things in CoN will allow his path to change in the other series, because I am already constantly ticked off with him there and I am worried he is about to make me hate him if he doesn't get that worked out.

Is it worth the read? Yes. It is very enjoyable. It will make you laugh out loud throughout.

Oh, I never got the chance to come back and say my final thoughts on Everlong by Hailey Edwards. The book is excellent, very sweet and romantic. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy by the end of the book. If you haven't read that one yet, please do.


Margie Williams said...

I'm seriously sorry about your computer trouble. I have never had to go to that length to get my computer fixed. (Cousin just had mine for 3 months fixing for free, then told me he couldn't fix it and would need to build a new one which took another month. But hey, I got a better laptop out of the deal that didn't cost me a dime.)

That being said, for the outside looking in (or reading in as the case may be) the robot call 3 days after you had picked up the system, Sweetie, that's funny as all get out! I hope it stays fixed this time!!!!