Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Disillusionment on a Wednesday morning.

Today has just been a morning of "wow, really?" My car is still messed up beyond repair, I joined Zoosk on facebook to try to fix my dating-challenged part of my life, but considering the men in Savannah have the idea that women should be curvy in that they have large breasts, but not look like a whale kinda kills that hope for me. There are men on there that think good sex is what an ideal first date should end. Not to mention my job is blah and now my land lord discovered that she we are paying $100 dollars less than we are supposed to, but she wrote the rent into the lease that way. So technically, we are not required to pay more than that until after the lease is up. But I hate drama.

On a less dreary note, or more dreary considering how you look at it.... Georgia Power is having a power outage on early Friday morning. Um....If you have read the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, you may recall from Dreamfever that Savannah was made into a Dark Zone until V'lane saved us from the Shades and the rest of the Unseelie by having the Seelie help the humans in the city restore the power. As much as it amuses me that this is happening now... I have to open the store that morning, so I hope the power is back on by then.