Saturday, January 16, 2010

When a book makes you say to yourself, "Oh my God, are you serious?!" on nearly every page, you don't know if you are reading an awesomely funny book or if it is just so outrageously cheesy that just when you think nothing else could make you blink to reread what you just said, there is a cow pooing in the bedroom to show you that, did go there. Again.

Angel Lynn's Master My Viking is a book I bought for my Kindle at Christmas time. I haven't finished it yet, but I couldn't NOT blog about this book. And yes, I will be finishing it. Cheesiness aside, it is an enjoyable cheese and not the kind that is just untolerable.

I think the only real issues I have with the book is that, A. all the Vikings seem to be complete idiots. And B. it is a historical Viking romance, yet there are modern slang terms and phrases mixed into both the narritive and the dialogue. Even though "Hel in a hand basket" made me giggle like a school girl because it was a clever way to insert the Norse Hel into a modern phrase, but still...some of the sayings should have been more consistent with the time in which the speakers are speaking.

On the otherhand the quirkiness and humor is what makes reading this book sooo worth it. Cows in a bedroom, the mother and mother-in-law pulling up a chair to "witness" the wedding night between the hero and heroine...yeah, that's funny. The constant use of "humping." Made me laugh because my good friend, Hailey Edwards, uses it to describe the act of sex in online chats.

I think one of the parts that really had me near tears laughing, while being slightly appalled, is when the hero, Sigurd is told by his father that he is to marry a woman that the bride price for was only 2 silver coins. He freaks out trying to figure out what is wrong with the wench. The kicker is the dad tells her she is a bit old, twenty-three, and Sigurd's reaction is, "Siguard slumped low on the bench, convinced now that the woman was defective, else she would've been married off long ago."

Story of my life. *sigh*

I will tell you my thoughts on the book as a whole once I finish reading it. I just had to share this book with you guys. It isn't great writing, no. But if you want some light reading to amuse you, you'll enjoy it.


Hailey Edwards said...

So now my secret is out --I say "humping" and like it. I have even been known to comment on couples engaging in "humpage."

What? Don't look at me like that.

Vic, sounds like this was a very interesting read. It also makes me long for more Heilan Cow Whoopsies.

Victoria said...

Heilan COO!!!!