Friday, January 22, 2010


Sooooo I have a bad habit of not checking my inboxes at sites I don't use very often. I haven't checked my Youtube inbox since July 2009. In August "Warchild," Sherrilyn Kenyon's brother, contacted me wanting to know if I wanted to work with him in brainstorming an idea for a video for the song he did for "Bad Moon Rising." I see 6 Months later. I am sooooooooooo upset with myself over that one.

Not to mention I was accused of stealing my own video. WTF?


Laurie said...

you're kidding me! I am so sorry about that! I hope that he contacts you again! Also, who accused you of stealing your own video, that's just sad.

Mia said...

Well I hope you wrote him back! There's always another book,another song, and another vid that will need to be made!

I feel you on the youtube mail box thingy. I was offered the chance to work with an animator who saw some of my art work that was included in a grafitti video I shot. I checked my mail a year later! lol

Victoria said...

LOL Mia. a whole year! I thought I was bad. LMAO

I did get in touch with him. He emailed me back :)