Friday, January 8, 2010

Nail Polish and Bagels

Okay, so I don't EAT nail polish on bagels if you got that idea from the title. Eeew. Those are just the two things that I seem to be caught up on at the moment. Bagels...I cannot stop eatting them. All that bread cannot be doing any good, and is probably only packing on the weight I could be losing from not drinking Pepsi anymore. IDK what it is about bagels. They are my new love of the breakfast food world.

As for nail polish.... Lana sent me a link a month or so ago about OPI developing four new nail polish shades based on the new Alice in Wonderland movie. The blue & gold glittered "Absolutely Alice" is stunning. The multicolored glitterey "Mad as a Hatter" is fun and festive. "Thanks so Muchness" is a shinny, beautiful shade of red. "Off with her Red!" is a bland, bright red color, but it has a fun name. I bought all 4. What can I say. I love my Alice in Wonderland. I wish they did a polish based on the Cheshire Cat though, rather than 2 reds. It seems a little redundant to waste a whole polish on a second shade of red. It is like they needed to make up for the Queen of Hearts shade not being that pretty, so they created a prettier red and then couldn't think of a good name for it. "Thanks so Muchness?" Really? Poor Chesh feels snubbed.


Laurie said...

do you know if Mac ever got her shade of pink? KMM posted that they were thinking about it..
btw, my fave OPI color is I'm not relly a waitress red, maybe I'd like the alice inspired version?

Victoria said...

You might like them. one is shiny, the other is solid red.

Not sure about the KMM version. MacHalo pink would be quite awesome though.